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Our Approach

Our Vision

Owner, Anna Leonard, has and continues to take the greatest pride in every bridal bouquet she makes, every Christmas tree she trims and every crazy theme idea she dreams up for her customers.  Anna and her stellar design team go above and beyond to ensure the best products and personalized service on each and every job.

We abide to this saying:     "Let the beauty we love be what we do...rumi"

Our Story

We are Floral Artists

Flowers are the palette for all designs

Anna Leonard and her design team have been together creating floral art for so many years that they complete each others sentences and laugh at each others quirks.  It takes a dedicated team to create the unique and artful designs for our customers at A Rosebrush Studio.


Anna Leonard

Lead Designer and Owner

Flowers have been my passion all my life.  Even baby photos of me are with flowers.  Flowers are incredible works of art.  It is my greatest pleasure and desire to bring them into your home or work place.


Design Team

Going above and beyond...

It does take a village to create wedding beauty and party drama.  My team rises to the occasion every time...even if it means getting into a cold  swimming pool to set a floral float!

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Holiday Elves

They climb great heights to bring holiday magic into your home!

My Elves  and I create everything from whimsical Christmas trees for grandchildren, elegant angel trees adorning living room windows or an icy penguin display.  We carefully design each home or commercial space to reflect the style and personality of our client.


Anna's Story

Everyone stumbles over the name A Rosebrush and wonders.  In 1982 Anna Leonard wanted to open a business combining her two passions - watercolor art and flowers, hence this name.  Well the painting talent has waned but Anna has never deviated from the flowers.  At age 13 Anna originally started cleaning flower buckets in a shop in Jackson, Wyoming and she got hooked on the idea of being a florist. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Floriculture at Colorado Sate University.  She and her husband moved to Phoenix to raise their children while Anna opened a floral studio.  Many brides, party-goers and even folks watching the 2009 Pasadena Rose Parade have seen Anna's floral designs.  Anna continues to stay informed of the newest flowers in the market, party and holiday products and ever-changing design trends.

We want to talk to you......

Please fill out the Contact Form or give Anna a call and tell her about your floral, holiday or party needs.

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